How We Work

First of all, we work hard. For you. We have a comparatively small team for the volume of output we produce, but that's because we only employ energetic, capable and versatile people who take great pride in doing many things well. You could say we need a lot of hat racks at our shop. If you look at our service offerings, you might think: "How precious. They do everything." The fact is, we do all that stuff, and we do it all quickly, accurately, and with no whining. For most of our customers, we are a single point of contact for all things marketing.

Most of the work we produce is technical in subject matter, much of it is complex engineering, and some of it is secret. We work with customers whose products are in development and require NDAs, and others with pending patents. We routinely are required to learn complex technical material and repurpose it for non-technical audiences, advertising copy, sales personnel, installers, specifiers or end-users.

We have talented, loyal and reliable freelancers, contractors and suppliers that we can add to the team to fulfill specialty areas on an as-needed basis, and access to all the resources we need to spin a car on a turntable, design a modular trade show booth, pack and ship 10,000 multi-part promotional kits, manage your rewards program, or anything else that you need to sell your products or services.

Plus, free chocolate (you'll have to ask us in person about this).