Heppner + Bourque is a creative services group focused
on the custom imagery and marketing needs of manufacturers.

We specialize in the creation of brochures, packaging, product photography, large format
and digital communications to help your products stand above the rest.



Ideas through implementation.
A true single-source for marketing design
and project management.



Whiz-bang, high-end imagery and motion.
The differentiator when you're head-to-head
with your competitors.

What is Engineered Creativity?

Our process of quickly identifying— and embracing— the critical constraints that govern the success of a project. The sooner these constraints are identified, the faster the optimum creative strategy can be designed. Fewer false starts, blind alleys and wasted resources. You see your story being told well and implemented sooner. We get it right, and get it quickly.



Marketing Materials

Start-to-finish creative including copy, design, and imagery for printed material, displays, tradeshow and digital media.


Project Management

Beyond the creative, we offer a deeper dive into promotional programs including operations, rewards, sourcing and data reporting.



From logo design to corporate identity. Get noticed through a consistent voice across all aspects of your brand presence.



In-house HD video production, editing and script writing. We offer customized rigging, robotics, and mechanical special effects.




High-quality, high-impact product photography. Specializing in highly-reflective, precisely-machined, or technically complex products.


Execution & Delivery

Below-market prices on printing, ad specialties, and big color. We manage the process and never leave you with loose ends.

You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.

Albert Einstein


The Heppner + Bourque team is a small but nimble team of pros from different specialties and backgrounds. We work hard to be your go-to partner. No slackers allowed.

Lisa Heppner

President - Boss Lady

Lisa is primarily responsible for making our customers very happy campers. She does this by intimately understanding their products, services, markets and goals. Then by designing great work, quickly— and getting it right the first time. If you work with Lisa, you will have more time to focus on your strategic goals, you'll go home earlier and you'll sleep better.

JC Bourque

Vice President - Geek-o-Rama

JC works in the back, talking to machines. He says they talk back. Not in the recalcitrant sense— more like invisible friends. He's in charge of photography, video, special effects and Cuban espresso. He writes most of the copy for the company.

Samantha (Sam) Malone

Marketing & Digital Media Manager - Happy Person

She was Sam Malone before Ted Danson, in case you were wondering. Sam is one of those social marketing techno geeks who loves stats and cyber stalking. Which can be used for good. Really. She helps keep the place spinning along, pumping out great work, on time. Also tends bar when we have happy hour after a busy day. Cheers.

Jenny Stimson

Bookkeeper - Hawk Eye

Jenny keeps the business humming. The fearless warrior on the team, she can take on any challenge - including keeping a couple of creative owners organized. She can also belt out some mean blues and read music as if it were a spreadsheet.

Lucien Lucio

Logistics Manager - Awesome Guy

Lucien runs the warehousing and fulfillment operations. He handles client material for rewards and training programs, trade show assets and promotional progams. Keeps track of a bazillion details and never breaks a sweat. Very quiet guy. We have no idea what he's thinking.